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The Art of Living Simply and Taking Your Time


“Move it! Move it! Move it!”

These are the words I chant most mornings as my lovely, 5-year-old dawdler goes under her bed to look for her shoes, or decides to make homemade dog treats at 7 am on school day, or literally stops to smell the roses as we race to get out the door and get to school on time. And as I nudge her toward the car, her response is always the same, “But, Mom, you have to take your time.”

My daughter has been trying to teach me this lesson for almost six years now, but there’s been a steep learning curve for me. We’re all wired the way we’re wired, and I’m wired to do things frenetically. So when my little one warns me to take my time and to let her take her time, I realize that in my efforts to rush her, I’m forcing her to approach the world in a way in which she is not wired, and I’m potentially missing out on all the little treasures that come with a slower pace.

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How to Survive a Day at the Beach with Kids

Snack food inequity. Things are about to go south with a quickness.
Snack food inequity. Things are about to go south with a quickness.

My family recently planned and pulled off (ish) a massive outing to our local beach — cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents all put on their sportiest swimwear and their SPF 50 and packed their coolers for a long, hot day by the sea. Based on the crowds at the beach, it looked as if everyone was trying to squeeze in a last trip or two to the beach before school starts. The beach is my happy place. In fact, sometimes when I’m trying hard to relax and I can’t quite get there, I visualize waves crashing on a sandy beach and I feel my tension ease. But you know what I don’t picture on that peaceful, sandy beach? Children. Because a day at the beach with kids is about as far from relaxing as you can get.

We live a few miles from several beaches and have made every kind of beach trip there is – day trips, night trips, short visits, all-day visits, bike treks, hikes, swims, you name it – and we’ve done them all with our kid in tow. Along the way we’ve learned a lot about what makes the difference between a crappy day at the beach with kids and a successful one. Often, we haven’t taken our own advice and the results have been hellish. To save you from that agony, I’ve come up with a list of tips for going to the beach with kids:

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Adventures in Babysitting: Round 1


We recently moved further away from my family — AKA our free and readily available babysitters — so we decided it would be wise to hire a babysitter that we could rely upon in a pinch on those rare occasions when the hubs and I actually venture into public to dine/be entertained/drink ourselves stupid with other grown-up folks. So we signed up with a legit babysitter/nanny service, waded through some applications, found some good candidates and commenced interviews. The next few posts will summarize the very strange, difficult and often befuddling task of inviting a stranger into your home and asking them personal questions to determine their ability to care for your child.

Round 1: “So…I work at a weed dispensary…will that be a problem?”

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Bible Stories and Meat Pies


We have a long and storied history of misfires when it comes to discussing issues of God, religion and spirituality with our daughter.

During our first real substantive conversation about God when she was 3, we managed to scare the bejeezus out of her and leave her thinking she had a little man living in her tummy.

Then there was the time she thought church was called “cheech,” which made our spiritual failings glaringly evident every time she said, “Hey, Mom, let’s go to cheech this Sunday.”

We’re doing better these days, mainly because she’s older and there are fewer risks of miscommunication when discussing the complexities of God and such. But, from time to time, things still get lost in translation.

Last night at bedtime when Daddy was reading to the child from a book of nighttime blessings, they settled on a story about Jesus and shepherds. She seemed to be paying attention, but when the story ended, she jumped up and ran around the house chanting, “Shepherd’s Pie! Shepherd’s Pie! Shepherd’s Pie!” We think she may have missed the point of that story. Either that or she was hungry for pub food.

Love at 21 vs. Love at 42


I haven’t written anything in a long while; in fact, this is the first time I’ve opened my laptop in over a month for anything non work-related. We’ve had some significant life changes in our family, one of which I’m not quite ready to write about. The other was moving to a new home. It’s been rough–roughest, perhaps, on our barely 5-year-old who doesn’t understand what’s happening or why everything has changed and all her grown-ups aren’t smiling as much as they used to, and she’s launched into a behavioral nosedive of some kind. But this, too, shall pass, and we will get through it with the same love, support, consistency and gratitude that we try to apply to our family life in general.

These types of stressors can often drive a wedge between husbands and wives, but the mister and I have actually grown closer these past couple of months, spending most evenings after the kiddo has gone to bed checking in with the other, supporting one another and discussing ways to help ease our family through these transitions. We remind each other that the marriage we’ve worked so hard to build these last six years provides a sturdy foundation to carry us through any challenge we face together.

As we talked, I got to thinking of something I did when I was 21. One night in college while sitting around with girlfriends and bemoaning our romantic lives, one friend announced that if we made a list of all the qualities we were looking for in a mate, then put that list in a Bible, said perfect mate would show up on our doorsteps, or in our O-Chem classes or at Coffee Bean, somewhere, anywhere, and soon. After a few pints of Guinness, and who knows what else, everyone thought this was the best idea ever. As a former Catholic school girl, this might as well have been witchcraft, but I had a Bible on my bookshelf, so I was in! We got out some pens and notebooks and wrote furiously. I put my list in the Bible and I didn’t look at it again until I was about 30 and I came across my Bible during a move.

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Lower Your Standards, Mommy

20160503_124852May is always a hectic month for us: Mother’s Day, birthdays, and end of the school year stuff all come at us in a matter of weeks. And this year, we’ve added moving to that list. Huzzah! The other day, the husband was stressing about our May calendar of events, in particular the fast approach of Mother’s Day, and I decided to do everyone a favor and play the Low Maintenance Mommy card (This is not my natural state. I’ve been known to say things like, “I need crushed ice, not cubed!”) But Mother’s Day is no biggie to me, and something I certainly don’t want anyone stressing about. So we had this conversation:

“You know what I’d really like for Mother’s Day, guys?” I say. “I’d like the kiddo to draw a special picture just for me.”

“I’m going to draw you a picture of poop and farts,” she says.

“Maybe you can draw something a little more Mother’s Day-ish…” I say.

“OK. I’ll draw you a picture of a unicorn….pooping.”

“Can it at least poop rainbows?” I ask.

She considers this for a good while.


I ask for too much, guys. I ask for too much.

bathroom meme

That Time My Kid Thought She was a Dog

20150831_091449We had three or four days straight of rain recently, so the kiddo and I spent a lot of time indoors. We Los Angelenos aren’t highly functional in the rain — it’s pretty much a blur of sweats, bedhead, cookie dough and Netflix. Lots of Netflix. At some point during this recent rainy period (oh yeah, three days of rain equals a “rainy period” in LA), the child and I exhausted our puzzle, craft and book options and turned to good ‘ol Netflix. The kiddo was in charge of the remote. Danger. She pointed that remote at what I was sure could only be an independent art film: “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 3: Viva la Fiesta.” She clicked. She was delighted with those tiny talking chihuahuas. We watched that shit at least six times over the next couple days. Then she discovered “Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2.” Then she discovered “Snow Buddies.” She discovered there’s a whole subgenre of films about talking dogs. It was a long rainy season in Los Angeles for this lady.

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11 Truths About Parenting an Only Child

2016-03-26 22.20.24

There are the universal themes that link all parents to one another: We all know well the elation, the worry, the self doubt, the pride and the frustration that goes hand in hand with parenting. Then, there are those parenting situations that are unique — that are particular to each family or to each type of family. We are a single-child family, and as such, there are a few things that are true for us that might not be true for a multiple-kid family. Here they are:

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