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Parent-Teacher Conferences: How Dare You Judge My Child!


Parent teacher conferences always make me nervous. Something about sitting down at a tiny desk with another adult who essentially is going to judge my child feels extremely uncomfortable. It’s probably the tiny chairs; I mean, who could be comfortable getting information of any kind with their knees hiked up to their chests. Our daughter is a well behaved kid, so I know I’ll never go into a conference and hear that she’s a disrespectful twit to her teachers or that she runs with scissors or throws rocks at her classmates.  But I also know that I’m not going to hear the teacher rattle off all the unique and fabulous traits that make my daughter the amazing 4-year-old that she is. It’s just not going to happen because my daughter

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A Lesson on Friendship



“Are you excited to see your friends today?” I asked my daughter on the way to school the other day.

“Well, some of the kids in my class are my friends and some of them aren’t my friends,” she replied. “Do you get it, mom?”

She wasn’t being a smart ass about it. She really wanted to know if I got it. Do you understand the finer nuances of preschool social hierarchies, mom? she seemed to be asking.

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