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5 year old

Adventures in Babysitting: Round 1


We recently moved further away from my family — AKA our free and readily available babysitters — so we decided it would be wise to hire a babysitter that we could rely upon in a pinch on those rare occasions when the hubs and I actually venture into public to dine/be entertained/drink ourselves stupid with other grown-up folks. So we signed up with a legit babysitter/nanny service, waded through some applications, found some good candidates and commenced interviews. The next few posts will summarize the very strange, difficult and often befuddling task of inviting a stranger into your home and asking them personal questions to determine their ability to care for your child.

Round 1: “So…I work at a weed dispensary…will that be a problem?”

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Bible Stories and Meat Pies


We have a long and storied history of misfires when it comes to discussing issues of God, religion and spirituality with our daughter.

During our first real substantive conversation about God when she was 3, we managed to scare the bejeezus out of her and leave her thinking she had a little man living in her tummy.

Then there was the time she thought church was called “cheech,” which made our spiritual failings glaringly evident every time she said, “Hey, Mom, let’s go to cheech this Sunday.”

We’re doing better these days, mainly because she’s older and there are fewer risks of miscommunication when discussing the complexities of God and such. But, from time to time, things still get lost in translation.

Last night at bedtime when Daddy was reading to the child from a book of nighttime blessings, they settled on a story about Jesus and shepherds. She seemed to be paying attention, but when the story ended, she jumped up and ran around the house chanting, “Shepherd’s Pie! Shepherd’s Pie! Shepherd’s Pie!” We think she may have missed the point of that story. Either that or she was hungry for pub food.

A 5-Year-Old’s Movie Reviews


Our 5-year-old has an uncanny knack for summarizing and reviewing movies in just a few short sentences — no doubt this skill will have no real-world, practical application whatsoever, but we’re damn proud anyway. And it’s funny, and my child is my main source of amusement. So I thought I’d share a few of her recent movie reviews with you, in case you’re on the fence about seeing any of these delightful children’s films. After reading them, I’m sure you’ll agree that A) my child is the next Roger Ebert; B) her understanding of movie plots is borderline genius; and C) these movies all sound horrible (or awesome, depending on how weird you are).

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