This post, from Wonder Life of Mom, about the blending of cultures during the holidays reminded me so much of my own multicultural upbringing. It’s also a great reminder of how much we all share in common. A great read.


Latkes: The culinary centerpiece of Hanukkah that hails from Eastern Europe. The goodness of these shallow fried potato cakes make hash browns look like its poor, boringAmerican cousin.

Lechon: Traditional pig roast of Cubans (and other Hispanic cultures) for Christmas Eve. To roast the pig to succulent perfection requires a half-a-day vigil cloaked in a haze of cigar smoke and nonstop games of dominoes.

image Interfaith gift wrapping For many the holiday season is a time to share with family and friends. Moments of togetherness creates an overspill of laughter and love. The frenzy from shopping shenanigans has settled down, and the time to drink and be merry is upon you.

Awkwardness is also part of yuletide traditions. Salt is rubbed into old wounds (again) by loved ones. Stories you rather forget are rehashed and retold in hyperbolic fashion. Mental ages of adult siblings regress somewhere near their adolescent barometer. For…

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