2015.05.21blogLike most 4-year-olds, Hailey has an active imagination…she plays make believe, dresses up in strange costumes and even talks to imaginary friends. One aspect of her creativity we’ve enjoyed as fodder for a few good chuckles is the unusual names she gives her dolls and toys, her relatives, pets and alter egos. She calls very few of her relatives by their given names or proper titles. Rather, she calls her aunts Bobo and Kiki; one of her uncles is Sugar Bob; one of her grandmas is Mimi. We’re not sure how she decided on any of these names. They just happened and they stuck. Then she got to the age where she began naming her own toys and stuffed animals, and we got names such as Snitch (Josh and I imagine he has an alternate life as a police informant.), Feet and Hands (He’s a monkey and does indeed have feet and hands.) and Creepy Baby (This is a good call on Hailey’s part. This baby is super creepy.) Hailey’s first pets of her own were two fish she calls Emo and Mitch. “Emo?” we asked. “Do you mean ‘Nemo’?” She insisted she meant Emo, and this was in no way a shout out to a certain Disney fish. We didn’t even question “Mitch.” Then there was the time Hailey came bounding downstairs dressed in a cape and gloves, exclaiming that she was a super hero. “What is your super hero name?” I asked. “Grassy Light Switch!” she declared, not missing a beat. I wondered whether she would have super powers or she would just go around being neighborly, turning on people’s lights and mowing their lawns.

Things took a turn recently, as they often do. Hailey brought home a class project she built for her school’s open house. It was a robot cat and she was very proud of it. She was showing it off at dinnertime one evening and Josh asked what she had named her robot cat.


“Say Whaaaat?”


“Say Whaaaaaaaaaaat?”


“Are you saying ‘bits?'”

“No, look at my lips. BIIIIIIITCH!”

“That’s enough imagination out of you.”