Car rides are a great time to bond with and get to know your child. Take, for example, last night’s conversation:

Hailey: (apropos of nothing) “I wish I could live on Boogie Eater Island because there would be lots of boogies and lots of people like me.”

Me: “Do you mean other boogie eaters?”

Hailey: “Yes, and we’d be friends.”

Hailey: “And maybe they’d even have boogie sand on the island.”

Me: (gagging a little) “Sounds like a magical place, honey.”

I find it both strange and precious that at the tender age of three-and-a-half she already wants to escape to a deserted island to live among like-minded people. I’m also a little concerned about the zeal with which she identifies as a boogie eater. Is an intervention in order?blog 1.30.14