This is how you decide not to give a shit about blogging for an indefinite amount of time:

First, you move your entire life’s worth of possessions from one house to another in the span of three weeks. And you do this with a 12-month old child clinging to your leg.

Next, you move to a house built in 1925 that you love but that likely hasn’t been maintained in half a century. It really helps if that house has a rodent problem and a creepy, invasive vine growing in the yard that seems to double in size from one day to the next and makes you worry that it may creep into your child’s room and constrict her to death.

If you really want to forget about your blog, not to mention your friends and your job too, move to said rat-infested, vine-covered house right around the time your child turns one. Schedule an elaborate party at your new home, and make sure none of your boxes are unpacked in time for the party. Just for extra fun, ask your dog to rip two medicine balls and spread sand all over your floor right before your guests arrive. Do it, I dare you. Your party guests will think you have your shit together!

Get the flu. Get it again. Give it to your husband and your baby.

Take a good six months unpacking your moving boxes. You don’t need clean clothes. And sheets are a luxury.

Convince your sister and your parents that it is in their best interest to move near you. Help them in this endeavor.

Hold down a full-time job, work overtime, attempt to keep your house clean and your family fed, and try to spend every possible free minute with the bundle of love, adorableness, and poo you call your offspring. Voila! You have forgotten about your blog!

The good news is, the boxes are unpacked, the rodents and vine have gone to rodent and vine heaven, and I’ve started caring about writing again.