Our household is noisier than most. Our baby is a screamer–not that she screams when she’s upset, she screams loudly and randomly just for fun. We have two maniac dogs who bark at the mere rustle of a leaf in the backyard. God forbid kids skateboard past our house. All puppy hell breaks loose. And then there’s me; Josh once said I was the loudest person he’s ever met. My usual “talk on the phone” voice forces Josh to plug his ears and ask why I’m yelling. Admittedly, my volume level is pretty high–the volume level of everyone in our house is pretty high. And then there’s those things which make the most noise in our house–Hailey’s talking toys. At first, they’re precious. You can program them to say the name of your child and recite her favorite foods and toys. The first time her talking stuffed dog Scout said, “I love you, Hailey,” there was a collective “Awwwww” from Josh and I. But those days are in the past. now I feel these very loud and talkative toys chipping away at my sanity. Hailey has a cookie jar that she can put blocks into, and every time she gets the right block in the right hole, it sings a song. And she gets the shapes right A LOT–so much so that I walk around all day at work singing the cookie jar song, “Shapes are in my cookie jar; triangle, heart, and star. There’s a circle over there. Here’s a square.”

And then there was this little episode with talking puppy Scout:

Mommy throws a toy into the toy box. This awakens Scout.

Scout: Let’s play and sing songs!

Mommy: No, Scout, time for bed.

Scout: I’m hungry. Can I have some bananas?

Mommy: I said it’s bedtime!

Scout: Will you be my friend?

Mommy: Maybe tomorrow.

At this, I get up and push Scout’s Off button.

Scout: Bye bye!

Mommy: For the love of God, shut up, shut up, shut up!

And with this, the balance shifted, and mommy became the loudest creature in the house again.