IMAG0171(1)If there’s one thing I’ve learned as a parent–OK, so I’ve probably only learned one thing as a parent–it’s that each stage of a baby’s “baby-ness” is fleeting. Often, a new skill or quirk that makes you say, “I have the cutest, smartest, and/or craziest baby ever!” is gone before you can tell anyone how ridiculously adorable or gifted your child is.  This was the case when Hailey went through her recent “talk to the hand” phase. Josh and I cracked up every time she looked at her hand and held a seemingly meaningful conversation with it. We looked forward to many more moments of this hilarious ventriloquist act. But that phase was over in three days. She also had a stage in which she would say “mama” every time she needed something. This made me feel like the Batman of moms who was called to duty with this precious baby bat signal. Sadly, that moment too seems to have passed. Then there are those stages that you wished would be over soon. And those stages seem to linger long past any amount of comedic value that can be derived from them. Hailey’s refusal to sleep in her own bed, for instance. I wouldn’t cry if that phase went away. And then there’s the recent humping thing. That’s right. I said “humping.” My female, non-dog child likes to hump things. She humps daddy. She humps mommy. She humps pillows. And perhaps her favorite thing to hump is her stuffed Yoda doll. That girl can spend a good 20 minutes showing Yoda who’s boss. Poor Yoda. To be so old and so wise and yet so degraded. The “force” won’t get you out of this one, Yoda. Let’s hope this phase too shall pass.