Waiting for Hailey 4/30/11

There are some scary things happening in the world today – unrest in various
countries, natural disasters, Donald Trump considering a run for president. Rest
assured, although scary things have been happening in the world for centuries,
people are inherently good, you’re surrounded by love, and one day you’ll use
that love as fuel to make your own positive mark on this world. You are blessed
with a big extended family. You are also cursed with a big extended family. They
will be in your business, they are full of opinions, they will push your
boundaries, and they will annoy you. But they love you more than they could ever
love anyone, even now, before they’ve gotten to meet you. And they will do
anything for you.

Your dad is the best person I know. One day he’ll be your best
friend just as he’s my best friend. He will spoil you (I hope not rotten), he
will adore you, and he will have the patience of a saint whenever you require
it. One day you’ll know how lucky you are to have him. I’m not so bad either.
But I may be the one to enforce the rules (not dad’s strong suit). At times
you’ll resent me for it, but that’s okay. I don’t mind playing bad cop if it
means your future will be free of things like stripper poles, kool aid-guzzling
cults, and men with face tattoos.

I read recently that kids today strive to be famous more than anything else. I know that fame will appeal to you someday, but I also know that you’ll be blessed with the intelligence, curiosity, kindness, and determination that will inspire you to contribute good things to this world
whether you derive fame from those things or not.

You’re a few weeks away from your big arrival! We can’t wait to get to know
you. We’ll do our best to let you know every day that you are loved, you are
blessed, and that this world and this time are fantastic.